Onsite and Offshore Software outsourcing services:
On-site/offshore model, distributed team communication and full-time support helping our customers reduce development time and costs.
 Providing experience and competency engineers working at client site and ram up quickly development teams upon client’s request at SDC site.

Typical Software Outsourcing Activities 

Full-cycle development: 
Develop software applications starting from RFP to deployment. 
Provide knowledge transfer and maintenance

Web-enabling an Application
This type of project normally involves modifying an existing client-server or thick- client application to support thin clients (Web browsers) over the Internet or corporate intranets.

Application Migration and Re-engineering
Application porting and re-engineering projects usually involve an existing legacy application that must be redesigned to meet the new or changed requirements of the customer. It may be a platform migration, for example from a COBOL to a J2EE platform. It can also be a simple RDMS back-end migration, for example from Oracle to MySQL. Sometimes a migration requires more complex architecture re- engineering and the addition or modification of software features. 

Components Development
This type of project requires the development of software components for a bigger application. As the component is typically self-contained and usually corresponds to clearly defined technical specifications, it is quite easy to outsource such projects. It is equally easy to control and monitor the quality of such components in terms of algorithms, codes and comments, and thus wrap up the project successfully.

Product Verification and Validation
Develop test cases and test plans, conduct testing and also provide an assessment of the stability of the application's features.

Automation Test
Develop data-driven automated test scripts using well-known automated test tools (e.g., WinRunner, SILK, QA Run).

Code Inspection
Use automatic code inspection tool to detect bugs, inconsistencies, security vulnerabilities

Software Sustaining
Bug fixing, customer support, software enhancement, etc.

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